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Team Flow Institute Grand Opening

The Team Flow Institute seeks to convene professionals, researchers, and leaders to identify practices that enable team flow across different industries, functions, and contexts. We also will define, design, and develop a new role, the Team Flow Facilitator, to guide organizations in effectively facilitating teamwork and building aligned cultures in distributed environments. Join our community for free today.

Unlocking Your Team’s Potential in the Age of Human Work & AI

Leadership in the age of Human Work and #AI

As we look ahead, team flow is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of work. In this session, we’ll explore the evolving landscape of work and the increasing importance of team flow in this new era. We’ll discuss the role of the Team Flow Institute in pioneering this shift and how our research and initiatives are contributing to this evolution. We’ll also introduce our upcoming executive leadership training course, “Team Flow, What We Know”, which delves into the academic works of Jeff van den Hout and other leading insights on team flow. This session will provide a glimpse into the future of work and how you can be a part of this exciting journey.

The Role of Leadership in Fostering Team Flow

Leadership in Flow

Leadership plays a pivotal role in cultivating an environment conducive to team flow. In this session, we’ll delve deeper into the responsibilities and strategies of leaders in fostering team flow. We’ll discuss how leaders can effectively guide their teams towards peak performance by creating a culture of trust, open communication, and shared purpose. We’ll also explore how leaders can leverage their influence to drive productivity and innovation through team flow. This session will equip leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to champion team flow in their organizations.

Community Writing Day

AI Robot Writing

Rather than a webinar this week, join us to discuss and create a position on the return to office and team flow.

Creating the Conditions for Team Flow

Discover the essential conditions that foster team flow and learn how to cultivate them within your organization. We’ll discuss effective strategies for nurturing a culture of collaboration, trust, and shared […]

The Power of Team Flow: Achieving Maximum Momentum in a Remote World

We will explore the concept of team flow, its benefits, and why it’s crucial for the future of remote and hybrid work. Drawing from academic insights and personal experiences, we’ll delve into how team the conditions required for creating team flow unlock peak performance.

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