It's hard enough to maximize in person performance. How do you do it with remote teams?

Find the hidden team dynamics that can solve misalignment, poor collaboration, and lagging results.

Proven team science tools have revealed the fastest and most holistic way to eliminate barriers and unlock your decentralized team’s full potential.

Low Risk, High Reward, 90 Minutes

Like light cutting through darkness, our Team Flow Assessment illuminates the hidden dynamics limiting your team’s performance.

What’s holding your team back is often not obvious. With newly found visibility, you can take targeted action to remove the constraints. In just a 90 minute team meeting, we identify safe experiments for radical improvements and empower you to unlock their full potential in pursuit of team flow.

The time for guessing and groping in the dark is over. Let us shed light on your team’s unseen reality so you can finally address the invisible weight holding them back.

We See What Others Can't to Set Your Team Free

We know how discouraging it is to lead a team that can’t gain traction due to recurring problems with alignment, conflict, and accountability. You see their potential, but invisible barriers persist.

Common solutions rarely address the root causes. The real problems stay hidden.

Our decade plus of experience assessing team dynamics gives us deep insight into the subtle factors disrupting cohesion and performance.


Role Clarity


Our tailored solutions provide the clarity and momentum you need to start removing the hidden obstacles blocking your team. With our proven Team Flow Assesment, we can diagnose your team’s unique issues and create a targeted action plan to help you reach your potential.

Let’s connect to explore how you can do this for yourself, or how we might get you started and keep you flowing.

Shine a Light on What's Really Holding Your Team Back

Like a thick, dark fog, uncertainty creeps in and clouds your team’s purpose and priorities. Progress stalls. Focus fractures. Morale sinks. You know there are issues plaguing collaboration and alignment, but the root causes hide from view. Your team is lost in the darkness.

Our Team Flow Assessment is a high powered spotlight cutting through the fog. We illuminate the invisible dynamics and unspoken friction points that are really weighing your team down.

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Taking Action for Team Success

Unlock Team Potential with Your Team Flow Assessment

We make it easy to gain insights into the invisible dynamics impacting your team’s performance and cohesion.

In just 90 focused minutes, your team will take an anonymous survey we have designed to surface the hidden forces that enable or disrupt collaboration.

What you get:

Here's what to expect:

Elevate Your Team's Success with Tailored Facilitation

Our expert facilitator will guide your team through a productive session to extract deep insights from the assessment results. We will customize the facilitation to focus on the dynamics most critical to your team’s success.

Full Team Flow Assessment


A Year of Flow


Cultural Flow Design

Custom Pricing To Fit Your Needs

We Give You X-ray Vision into Your Team's Hidden Realities

Beneath the surface, dysfunctional silos, unclear priorities, and toxic assumptions disrupt collaboration. But like many diseases, they remain unseen.

Our Team Flow Assessment acts as a full body scan for your team, using x-ray vision to illuminate the hidden dysfunction constraining your team. We expose the malignancies ruining cohesion, focus, and progress.

Leaders gain clear visibility into toxic assumptions, communication gaps, and misalignments plaguing their team. With our x-ray vision, targeted treatments can begin.

Based on Dr. Jef van den Hout’s proven Team Flow Model, we translate diagnostics into safe prescriptions.


John inherited a fragmented marketing team plagued by lack of cohesion and misaligned priorities. They spun their wheels but rarely executed. Morale was low and John considered restructuring. As a last resort, he tried our Team Flow Assessment.
“Your assessment finally gave me visibility into why we weren’t gelling as a team. The simple focused improvements created real change quickly. My team is executing at a high level now. It completely turned around our performance and energized the team.”

John P.
Pilot Client

The Team Flow Institute

The Team Flow Institute was founded by pioneers Chris Heuer and Jaime Schwarz to redesign team collaboration for the autonomous age.

Chris Heuer

Jaime Schwarz

Jaime Schwarz

Our Mission & Work

Our mission is equipping organizations to achieve team flow through rigorous research, inspiring education, and transformational advisory services.

Our work is grounded in the pioneering Team Flow Model developed by our Senior Research Fellow Dr. Jef van den Hout. We are joined by Jen McClure as our Head of Research. She formerly served as CEO of the Society for New Communications Research, to spearhead new studies advancing team science.
With decades of combined experience studying social business, organizational design, and the future of work, we help leaders upgrade teamwork to thrive in distributed environments.

We Guarantee a Clear Path Forward for You and Your Team

If the assessment and expert guidance do not start moving your team forward within 6 weeks, we’ll dig deeper at no additional cost. We guarantee actionable insights and a path to improved performance.

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