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Remote and hybrid teams struggle to achieve their potential. They changed where they work, but not how. Momentum gets lost amidst distance and miscommunication, alignment suffers. We change that when we create the conditions for team flow.

Our Team Flow Facilitators reignite collaborative energy across virtual teams. We guide organizations to foster a proven state of heightened performance, engagement, and flow – even when working remotely.

Team Flow is now possible for Remote and Hybrid Teams

Our facilitators work with you and your team to get aligned around a collective ambition to achieve unparalleled productivity. Team Flow Facilitation provides the strategic advantages of clear communications, enhanced collaboration, and deeper connections using proven team science and the power of artificial intelligence. Recapture the peak performance potential of in-person collaboration for your distributed teams with Team Flow principles, protocols and systems.

Team Science

The Team Flow Institute builds upon decades of research from team scientists and organizational designers to advance understanding of which protocols and systems enable peak performance for different remote and hybrid teams. 

Remote Culture

Activate the values and behaviors needed for remote teams to get more done. Intentionally design the foundational values and collaborative protocols that deepens connectedness and supports co-elevation.

Aligned Systems

Create and maintain organizational alignment within and amongst teams with trust building digital workspaces and workflows. Keep everyone on the same page, while keeping everyone connected to their mutual ambitions and shared objectives.

Augmented Collaboration

AI has many uses and benefits for collaboration, from producing meeting summaries, brainstorming ideas, producing draft documentation, developing new business processes and more. 

Meet the Team
Flow Facilitator

Introducing the Team Flow Facilitator, a full stack project manager, collaboration coach, and AI Pilot who will elevate your team’s performance. The facilitator acts as your team’s turbo button, fostering a psychologically safe environment for high performance teams to achieve a state of team flow. The facilitator supports the team and individual members, providing role clarity and effective communications

Our approach leverages proven research together with AI for resolving misalignments and misunderstandings so teams can focus on achieving their objectives.

The result?

Your team achieves its peak potential for maximum momentum and fosters a culture of continuous growth and learning. With a Team Flow Facilitator, your team’s untapped potential is just a step away.


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Our Story

Team Flow Institute

The Team Flow Institute is the outgrowth of decades of research, practice and exploration focused on fixing what is broken with work, with industrial capitalism, and with the way most organizations have approached remote work. 

After meeting at the Web 3.1 Leadership Summit, founders Chris Heuer and Jaime Schwarz have invested the last 18 months bringing this idea, this new institution to life. Along the way, we realized that AI was an integral component to achieving team flow and had already done that for us with our meeting transcripts.

The Team Flow Institute is on a path to become a public benefit corporation, and more so, a platform co-operative, ultimately owned and governed at least in part by its members.

Who are we?

Our Vision & Mission

We know better, and it is time for us to do better. We can not wait. The moment is now. We must design a better way for us to work together. We must leverage the research and practices that have been found to produce the best results. We must work differently when working remotely then when working in shared office space. 

What do we believe in?

Our Roadmap

We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. So we start where we are, which is in conversation with other leading thinkers on team flow, on team science, on the future of work, on industry 5.0, and on augmented collaboration with AI.

Phase 1: Community of Practice Building

We have a lot of research and experience to lean on as the basis of team flow facilitation. Join us to explore what collaboration protocols and team development practices work in which situations to foster team flow. Learn about the nature of and facilitation of Team Flow. Learn about the uses and benefits of AI for collaboration. Hire us to improve the performance of your remote team and integrate artificial intelligence into your collaboration practices.

Phase 2: Co-Operative/DAO Formation, Research, and Certification

Building out of the community of practice, we will publish The Team Flow Handbook and obtain further funding for deeper research. We will develop the TeamFlowBot to support professional facilitators. With our professional members, we will determine the best path to becoming a platform co-operative and offering a Team Flow Facilitator certification.

Phase 3: Realizing the Vision, Mainstreaming Team Flow

To be honest, we’ve got so much in mind, and there is so much work needed, we will just leave the roadmap here vague. Our belief is that Team Flow epitomizes the sort of experience knowledge workers and professionals want to have when working with others… from anywhere.

Aligning Interests and Creating Maximum Value

We see a world where the interests of organizations, managers, and contributors are aligned and where we are able to create the highest possible value. We’ve fought this battle before beginning in the dotcom era and accelerated by the ClueTrain Manifesto. Then with the rise of Web 2.0 and Social Media. From Social Media to Social Business. We then claimed it was time for a #ReOrg as we worked to get team members aligned.

Now it is time to mainstream these principles and practices and change the world of work, one team at a time.

Meet the Founders

Chris Heuer

Chris Heuer is a visionary, a catalyst, and a human capitalist. While starting his first company in 1994, he realized the ability of smart people to work well together was the most important factor of success. In 2000 he wrote The Noble Pursuit. In 2011 he was a Specialist Leader at Deloitte spearheading the Social Business practice and representing Deloitte on IBM’s Social Business Council. Upon leaving Deloitte, he launched Alynd, a platform based on many of the collaboration principles of team flow. At the beginning of the pandemic, he launched Remotely Global and now returns to his lifelong mission with the launch of the Team Flow Institute.

Jaime Schwarz

Jaime Schwarz

Jaime Schwarz is a creative, a futurist, and a brand therapist. After a dozen award-winning years as a copywriter and creative director at agencies like BBDO and Dentsu, he formed his first agency called Pro4Bono focused on building out new lines of revenue for do-good companies. In 2018 he began filing a family of patents in the web3 space for a trademark for the metaverse, a metamark, in service of virtual object sovereignty and an open metaverse. While developing the discipline of brand therapy, which empowers brands to speak for themselves, he not only consulted for dozens of companies, but co-founded many across betterment, education, organizational design, and web3. With The Team Flow Institute, Jaime is excited to bring betterment, organizational design, and emerging technology together in service of team autonomy, efficiency, and empowerment.

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