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Welcome to a world where collective wisdom thrives, ideas transform into action, and teams redefine success. At the Team Flow Institute, we offer two distinct membership tiers, each tailored to empower you at every stage of your journey.

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Unlock a world of possibilities with our free Community Membership, designed to bring like-minded individuals together in the pursuit of knowledge. You’ll gain access to exclusive content, interact with our vibrant community, and participate in weekly events. All these, without any cost. If you’re passionate about team dynamics and organizational growth, this is the perfect place to start.

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Accelerate your journey with our Professional Membership. In addition to all the benefits of the Community Membership, you’ll gain exclusive access to cutting-edge courses starting with “Team Flow: What We Know”. You’ll have the opportunity to lead or join in-depth sessions, propose and participate in exciting experiments, contribute to our journal, and actively shape the future of our institute. This membership is designed for those ready to immerse themselves in the world of team dynamics, making impactful contributions, and driving their professional growth to new heights.

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Team Flow Fundamentals Course with Charter Membership

$995 for 1 Year

Join our first cohort of Team Flow Facilitators and Strategists. Our course will cover the 6 key conditions you can control to foster team flow. We will also share how we augment meetings with AI. Co-designed by Dr. Jef van den Hout and Chris Heuer.

Don’t just think about transforming your career and your team, take the first actions today. Join our first cohort.

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