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Team Flow Fundamentals for Remote Work
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Managers of remote and hybrid teams face a unique set of struggles. Traditional approaches to team collaboration often fail in distributed environments. There is a need for new frameworks to unlock the potential of remote teams.

Introducing Team Flow

Team flow is a collective state of peak performance, engagement, and satisfaction. According to Dr. Jef van den Hout, team flow is a “shared experience leading to heightened collaboration and productivity.”

The team flow model developed by Dr. van den Hout identifies the key conditions needed to achieve this state, such as psychological safety, open communication, and skill integration. With the proper conditions in place, teams can enter a flow state leading to extraordinary results.

Preview the course in this free introductory class you can view below. You can also access the slides, and the transcript which you will also receive access to for each week’s class.

The Value for Remote Leaders

This course provides team leaders and project managers with a practical and easy to understand framework to transform team dynamics and unlock higher performance.

By learning to conduct Team Flow assessments and implement targeted interventions, you will be equipped to improve collaboration, productivity, and job satisfaction.

You will develop new skills to create a positive organizational culture centered on psychological safety, open dialogue, and a growth mindset. These capabilities will enrich your leadership style and support your ongoing professional development.

The course curriculum features real-world application through assessments with your own team. You will gain access to templates and resources to sustain team flow over the long-term.

During the course the founders of the Team Flow Institute will be working with you to apply the principles and practices in your current professional situation. This makes it equivalent to having us not only as teachers, but as advisors for you and your business during the course.

Join our Next Cohort

Experience the transformative power of team flow for yourself. The next cohort of Team Flow Fundamentals begins on October 25th.

The price of admission? Just $295.

That’s $700 off the regular price of $995 for this intensive 8-week course.

And as a member of the inaugural cohort, you will shape the future of the Institute itself. Help refine the models, share real-world insights, and elevate the science of team flow.

Invest in yourself and your team. Develop new leadership capabilities to thrive in the distributed world of work.

Use code INTHEZONE to save $700 on enrollment. But act soon – the class starts Wednesday October 25, 2023 at 5pm Pacific!

Enroll in Team Flow Fundamentals today!

Let’s work together to overcome the remote team challenge. This course will enable leaders to create fulfilling engagement, clear direction, and seamless collaboration that produces extraordinary results.

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