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Team Flow Fundamentals
Learn more about our new course offering as we seek to unite labor, managers, and executives in common cause. To unleash our full potential for human work in the autonomous age.


Be a part of our first cohort on the path to becoming certified Team Flow Facilitators and Strategists. Or to more broadly understand how Team Flow can expand your existing work as a leadership coach or project manager. Whatever your reason or goal, we would welcome your participation in this course and in our emerging community of researchers, practitioners, and advocates.

  • If you purchase before 11:59pm on September 8, 2023 registration cost is $695usd
  • If you purchase before 11:59pm on September 25, 2023 registration cost is $795usd
  • After that date, the non-discounted fee for the course will be $995usd until the start of the first class on Wednesday October 18, 2023 at 5pm PDT

In addition to access to our live course, we will hold additional office hours as needed, along with some sessions on Saturdays if needed to fit participant’s schedules. We will be investing heavily into our mutual success with this course and with the broader missions of the institute, which your enrollment will support through course work and in the community. All course registrants will also receive a 1 year community membership, which will normally cost $500 on it’s own, now included for those in our charter cohort, who are also fittingly charter members.  That also means you will be invited to participate in our charter development process in November/December in advance of the new year. Therein you will co-design the final mission, vision, values and objectives of the institute. You will also influence the direction of the research and the model of governance.

Course Overview

In this 8-week intensive lead by Managing Director Chris Heuer, you will learn the critical components of team flow and how to create optimal conditions for unlocking your team’s potential. You will explore the six interconnected conditions that enable team flow through readings, discussions, and real-world applications, according to research by expert Jef van den Hout.

Based on research by our course co-designer, Dr. Jef van den Hout, the 8-week Team Flow Fundamentals course explores the six interconnected conditions that enable team flow. Connected and driven by a collective ambition, you’ll discover how a shared purpose and aligned values create momentum, created by psychological safety, open communication, integrated skills, audacious goals, and mutual commitment.

Each week builds on the last, arming you with the mindsets, tools, and techniques to unlock your team’s greatest potential. You’ll learn tangible strategies for establishing each condition within your team through readings, discussions, and real-world applications. Weekly live sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings, except during the week of Thanksgiving, beginning on Wednesday October 25, 2023 at 5pm PDT, continuing till Wednesday December 20, 2023.

The course will combine video presentations and class lectures you watch on your own, 2x per week group discussions, and simple projects you will be assigned with real-world implications for yourself and your team. Every participant will perform a quick team flow assessment with one of their teams, which we will review with you and support, as if you were doing a team flow facilitation project. So this isn’t only an investment in learning the materials and the language of team flow, but a chance at bringing this to life in your daily work.

Key Takeaways:

  • A team flow assesment and consultation review
  • The research-based principles for facilitating team flow
  • A step-by-step approach for instilling each condition
  • Insights into optimizing team collaboration and performance
  • Hands-on experience analyzing and enhancing team dynamics
  • Strategies for sustaining team flow long-term
  • Tools and techniques for facilitating team flow as a leader
  • Team Flow for Decentralized, Hybrid, and Remote-First teams

Who Will Benefit:

The Team Flow Fundamentals course is designed for managers, team leaders, coaches organizational development professionals, and anyone interested in elevating teamwork.

Whether you’re guiding an existing team or building a new one, you’ll gain invaluable perspective into the interconnected components that enable peak collaboration. Unlock your team’s potential by creating the optimal conditions for flow.

Class Schedule:

Week 1: The Power of Purpose and Collective Ambition: The Potential for Team Flow

  • Explore the foundations of team flow and collective ambition
  • Shared mission, values, and purpose

Week 2: Audacious Team Goals

  • Driving focus and sense of unity
  • Built on aligned goals and skills

Week 3: Aligned Personal Goals

  • Connecting to collective ambition
  • Enabling autonomy and skill integration

Week 4: Open Communication

  • Working out loud and communicating clearly
  • Enabling coordination and commitment

Week 5: Psychological Safety

  • Allowing vulnerability and risk-taking
  • Fostering openness, transparency and trust

Week 6: High Skill Integration

  • Leveraging team members’ strengths
  • Depends on aligned goals and safety

Week 7: Mutual Commitment

  • Accountability to team goals
  • Requires previous conditions

Week 8: Achieving and Sustaining Team Flow

  • Putting it all together
  • Leading and facilitating team flow
  • Implementing a culture plan

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This is a very special time, and a very special opportunity to step up and lead the coming future of human work revolution. If you were engaged in Social Business, Enterprise 2.0,, or any of the other #FutureOfWork movements, please consider joining me. Joining us. It’s time to finish the job. Let’s do it together.

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