Leadership in the age of Human Work and #AI
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Unlocking Your Team’s Potential in the Age of Human Work & AI

August 29, 2023 @ 12:00 pm 1:00 pm

As automation changes the landscape of professional work, success will rely more and more on uniquely human strengths like creativity, collaboration, empathy, and innovation.

How can managers and leaders cultivate high-performing teams that thrive with these human skills? Which learn to work better together?

Join the Team Flow Institute for this webinar to discover how mastering team flow can unlock maximum momentum and become your organization’s competitive edge.

You’ll learn:

  • What is team flow, and why does its pursuit lead to elevated team performance?
  • The core foundations and conditions required to achieve team flow
  • Rituals, communications, and small experiments to start fostering team flow today
  • More information on our fall course for Team Flow Strategy and Facilitation, and a special opportunity to join us

This webinar equips leaders with practices to foster purposeful collaboration, synchronicity, and mindful communication among team members. Attendees will gain strategies to facilitate the interpersonal dynamics that allow human capabilities to shine when working towards clear objectives and toward collective ambition.

As the nature of work itself evolves, success will come from unlocking the emotional intelligence and purpose within your people, enrolled in doing their best work ever. With, and for, you. This webinar introduces using team flow to maximize the quality of collaboration and ingenuity to succeed in the age of human work and artificial intelligence.

Reserve your spot and gain skills to lead high-performing teams doing meaningful work in the age of human work.

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