The Future of Human Work in the Era of AI

Leadership in the age of Human Work and #AI
Learn how team flow unlocks human potential in the age of automation and AI. It is the key to the future of human work. Watch this webinar replay today.

As automation changes the nature of work, success increasingly relies on uniquely human strengths like creativity, collaboration, empathy, and innovation. But how can managers cultivate high-performing teams that thrive with these skills?

The Team Flow Institute recently hosted an insightful webinar explaining how to unlock your team’s potential by mastering team flow. Watch the replay below:

Webinar replay from 29 August 2023

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is team flow, and why does pursuing it elevate team performance?
  • The core foundations, like psychological safety and collective ambition, required for team flow
  • Practical rituals like working out loud to foster better team flow
  • How team flow facilitators design processes to achieve clarity and alignment
  • How AI can augment teams ability to collaborate and stay in flow together

The founder of Team Flow Institute, Chris Heuer, explains how achieving flow enhances a team’s ability to innovate, collaborate, and accomplish shared objectives. Viewers will gain strategies to facilitate interpersonal dynamics that allow human capabilities to shine.

As work evolves, success comes from unlocking emotional intelligence and purpose within people. This webinar shows how team flow maximizes collaboration and ingenuity in the age of human work and AI.

Watch now to gain skills to lead high-performing, engaged teams doing meaningful human work in the era of AI.

You can review the slides here, or even review the transcript in addition to watching the Youtube video of the webinar above.

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