Team Flow Case Studies: Key Takeaways From the Research

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Part of our public webinar series and free public education on using Team Flow to unlock higher team performance.

In today’s webinar, I had the pleasure of sharing insights from some fascinating case studies that demonstrate the power of team flow in action. These came from Dr. Jef van den Hout’s research paper, “Promoting the Emergence of Team Flow” As the Managing Director of the Team Flow Institute, I’m on a mission to research, educate, and promote more empowering, human-centric approaches to work.

At the core is our belief that achieving “team flow” – that magical state of full immersion in collaborative work – can unlock tremendous human potential. When a team gets into flow together, we’ve seen productivity, engagement, innovation, and fulfillment soar. It’s a win-win-win for employees, managers, and executives alike.

Of course, as many leaders know, it’s easier said than done. Through the Institute’s research, we’re mapping out the conditions and facilitation skills required to promote team flow more consistently. Things like psychological safety, complementary skills, compelling shared purpose, autonomy, and open communication. There is still much to learn!

Review the audio from the “Team Flow Case Studies: Key Takeaways from the Research” webinar along with a transcript at

In the webinar, I shared case studies from pioneering organizations that made team flow a reality – with incredible results. Healthcare provider Buurtzorg reduced burnout and improved care quality. Industrial logistic company Mammeot cut accidents by 75% and improved on-time delivery by 81%. Bossche vakschool, a vocational school in the Netherlands, engaged students and boosted job placement post graduation from 72% to 94%.

The common thread? Enlightened leaders who cared as much about people as profits. They understood you get the best from people by empowering them with autonomy, purpose, and the ability to work collaboratively in flow.

At the Institute, we believe there is no limit to what empowered, aligned teams can accomplish. But it takes knowledge, skills and intention to design work this way. Too many organizations still treat people as cogs in a machine optimized for shareholder returns.

We envision a more balanced form of capitalism – where all stakeholders benefit from structures designed to unlock our potential through meaning, mastery and flow. Work that taps our creativity and humanity, augmented by technology.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join our community. To join us in our mission. Take our Team Flow Fundamentals course this October. Participate in our research. Help us reimagine work at a human scale – where finding flow together is the new normal.

The future remains unwritten. Together, let’s write one that celebrates our humanity through the power of team flow.

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