The “Great Mismatch” on Remote Work (aka the battle for #RTO) is Over

An Old World Cubicle Farm

Nicholas Bloom starts his recent New York Times article with a bold claim. “Working from home is here to stay. I can prove it with data — lots and lots of data showing that returning to the office (R.T.O.) is D.O.A.” The Five-Day Office Week Is Dead In it, he highlights the growing divide between […]

Understanding Team Flow

Understanding Team Flow

If you really would like to understand Team Flow, and how to orchestrate it for your teams, join us for our Team Flow Fundamentals course.

Divisions Of Labor

Divisions of Labor

This post is a continuation of our efforts announced this past Labor Day to unite labor, managers, and executives in a collective ambition of creating our best work ever.

Join Our Community, Join Our Book Club

Team Flow Institute Book Club

Hi everyone,  I’m Stephanie Rogers, a founding community member of the Team Flow Institute (TFI). Our goal at TFI is to unlock the state of team flow — a condition of deep alignment, engagement, and fulfillment.  I’m excited to facilitate our first TFI Book Club, where we’ll be discussing Seth Godin’s latest book, The Song […]

What We Can Learn from Japan About Team Flow

Japanese Temple

In this essay, Dyske thoughtfully explores how Japanese collectivist culture values teamwork and group flow over individualism and leadership. He further examines how the pursuit of team flow amplifies a sense of belonging and purpose in their business culture.

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